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Q. How do i install this mailtc thing?

A. You install mailtc by compiling it from source. First download the latest package, and extract it using the command

tar -jxvf mailtc-xx.tar.bz2

In the mailtc directory that was extracted run the following commands:


To compile without GnuTLS (this means that only the basic POP3 plugin will be installed) type:

./configure --disable-ssl

Then type:

make install

This will compile and install mailtc.

Q. So how do i use mailtc?

A. mailtc is a simple program,
Configure it by firstly running mailtc -c.
This will run the configuration dialog that allows you to add mail accounts to be checked.
Then run mailtc & to start mailtc running in the background.
Test that mailtc is working by sending yourself an email, if mailtc is working, after a minute or two (or however long you set in the configuration dialog) an evelope icon should appear in the system tray.

You can also put mailtc in your X startup script so that it runs automatically at startup.

mailtc also has a network debug mode, to help diagnose problems if mailtc does not appear to be receiving mails
Type mailtc -d to run in network debug mode

If you need to kill a running mailtc process, type mailtc -k

Q. Ive found a bug, how can i report it?

A. Please report all bugs on the project page, and ill try and fix them as soon as possible.

Q. I would like mailtc to ... can i have this feature?

A. Possibly. Ask for it on the project page