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05/05/11   git migration

The mailtc source code repository has been migrated from subversion to git.
On a related note, i hope to get a new release out soon.

05/09/09   mailtc 1.4.2 released

After a long delay, a new release. Everything has been rewritten entirely from scratch, with the aim of cleaning up and removing bloat.
The new code uses glib/GTK functions and classes wherever possible and now uses GnuTLS in place of OpenSSL, and also depends on libunique.
The IMAP plugins have been removed as they were untested and unmaintained, though it is still possible to write an external plugin for IMAP.
Future releases will concentrate on keeping things small and simple, and as portable as possible.

17/11/07   mailtc 1.4.0 released

This is a bugfix release to allow mailtc to build with GTK 2.12 and higher versions.
Systems with newer GTK versions will use the new GtkTooltips widget class, older versions will continue use the (now deprecated) GTkTooltip widget class.

24/09/07   mailtc 1.3.9 released

Time for another release, changes are as follows.
The plugin API was extended to allow custom plugin options via the config dialog.
All filter code was moved to the plugin code using the new plugin API.
All error reporting was improved and made more readable.

08/08/07   mailtc 1.3.7 released

The highlights of this release are as follows.
All configuration files (config/account/password/filter) have been moved to a single xml config file. Mailtc now uses libxml2 for configuration. NOTE the new configuration format requires that if you are using a previous release, you will need to run the migrate script found on the sourceforge project page, or re-enter your configuration details.
The filters were rewritten from scratch. Now any number of filters can be added, and a number of extra mail header fields can be filtered.
A number of additional improvements and fixes were made, please see the ChangeLog for further information.

01/05/07   mailtc 1.3.5 released

I am very pleased to announce that mailtc 1.3.5 has been released!
mailtc now uses a message list for accounts, allowing greater mail information to be stored for future releases.
It is now possible to run a command (for example, play a sound) when a new mail arrives.
Network error reporting is now more configurable.
Many additional compile options available allowing users to build only what they require.
Cleaner envelope icons, and faster icon loading/unloading.
Vast tidy of code, with far greater error checking.
Various other improvements and bug fixes, please see the ChangeLog for full information.

28/01/07   Update on upcoming mailtc release

The SVN repository has been updated to reflect what will hopefully be the next mailtc release.
This source is still beta, and there is a still some testing to do, however it is almost ready for final release. Until the release is available you can check out this source from SVN (see the download section for how to do this).
A summary of the main new features can be found in the TODO section on the web page. Alternatively, for a more comprehensive list, please see the Changelog file in the current SVN source.

29/06/06   Web site update

A new 'Plugin' section has been added to the web site that provides some information on how to write a mailtc network plugin.

28/06/06   mailtc 1.2.0 released

This first post 1.0.0 release brings in a heap of new stuff:
As of this release, the code has been split into the core mailtc, and network plugins. This means that the core now executes no network code. It also greatly extends mailtc functionality, as it is now possible for any user to write a network plugin that can interface with mailtc.
All of the libgsasl code (for CRAM-MD5) was ported to OpenSSL. mailtc now no longer requires libgsasl as a dependency, OpenSSL must now be compiled for CRAM-MD5 support.
mailtc now uses gettext and can now be internationalised (currently no translations are available).
A new compile option --enable-debug was added to compile with debugging enabled (for getting backtraces).
In network debug mode, the passwords are now hidden rather than written to stdout.
Most of the mailtc code was ported to use glib routines (the plugin code uses no glib/GTK code).
The application launching was much improved.
The error reporting was improved, and the date and time is now also output to the log whenever an error occurs.
Many other small bug fixes and improvements.

13/05/06   mailtc 0.9.7 released

mailtc now supports an unlimited number of accounts (previously the maximum was 6).
The code was made more efficient using linked lists, and the number of file reads reduced.
All strings are now located in a single file, making mailtc easier to localise.
A new 'multi' mode was added, that allows a different icon to be displayed if more than one account has new messages.
The mail application launching code was reworked so as to be less buggy.
General tidying up was made to the configuration dialog and error messages.
Finally, much testing and bug fixing with valgrind.

04/04/06   Web site update

A new 'Roadmap' section has been added to the web site to reflect the current status of the development work on mailtc.

21/02/06   mailtc 0.8.0 released

Rewrote the docklet code to make the icon loading and unloading nice and smooth.
Updated the tooltip code to display new mail information for all accounts.
A check is now made so that only one instance of mailtc can run at once.
An additional POP3 handler was added for mail headers that do not conform to the specification.
Many additional bugfixes added.

28/11/05   mailtc 0.7.5 released

The segfault problem when compiling with GCC 4 is now fixed.
A number of small warnings also found when compiling with GCC 4 were resolved.

19/11/05   mailtc 0.7.3 released

Fixed a few minor bugs and made a few minor improvements behind the scenes.
Made improvements to the error reporting.
Note: there are still problems when compiling with GCC 4, this will be fixed at some point in the future.
I also plan to make mailtc localised; if you would like to help (translate into another language) please contact me (

11/09/05   mailtc 0.7.0 released

Implemented new mail filters option for POP3 and IMAP4.
Fixed a number of small bugs and made the code more portable.

24/07/05   mailtc 0.6.3 released

POP3 and IMAP over SSL are now supported (hint: you can now check gmail accounts).
Some memory leaks have been fixed after being found with Valgrind.
An custom account name can now be used for the new mail docklet message

06/07/05   mailtc 0.5.6 released

This release has much improved IMAP checking, with most of the IMAP code having been rewritten.
All reported bugs have also been fixed.

20/06/05   mailtc 0.5.0 released

This release brings CRAM-MD5 for IMAP along with a number of IMAP fixes.
A number of small bug fixes were also made including a problem with 0.4.4 being dependent on GTK 2.6.

12/06/05   Web site update

The mailtc web site has now been updated to use PHP rather than evil HTML frames.

05/06/05   mailtc 0.4.4 released

This release fixes a stack overflow error that crashed mailtc on some machines.
mailtc now has CRAM-MD5 authentication for POP3 (IMAP will follow soon)
The config dialog has been tidyed up and deprecated GTK functions have been removed (mailtc now requires GTK 2.4 or above).

25/05/05   mailtc 0.4 released

Its been a while and this release brings many new things.
mailtc now has basic IMAP support (this is very new so please report any errors you find)
A number of improvements involving the colour dialog and icon have been made
Cleaned up and improved a lot of code, and fixed compile problems on some systems
mailtc now checks mail instantly instead of waiting n minutes
OpenSSL is now optional (to compile without use --disable-ssl)
All mailtc processes can now be killed from the terminal using mailtc -k
mailtc has a new network debug mode (mailtc -d)

25/02/05   mailtc 0.3.1 released

A number of good features have been added.
mailtc now has APOP support!.
There is a new coloured icon format that lets you pick any icon colour, and they now display ok in fluxbox too.
There is now a tooltip for the icon that tells you the number of new messages.
I also sorted out a number of issues and cleaned a lot of code, making the mailtc binary half the size of the last release.

21/02/05   mailtc 0.2.5 released

This is mainly a cleanup release in preparation for IMAP.
Cleaned up a lot of code so it should use up less memory, and also added an icon size option so the icon is not truncated on fluxbox.

02/02/05   mailtc 0.2 released

This is the first mailtc release to support multiple mail accounts.